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Finding Success in Landing a New Job

Besides a printed resume, numerous individuals who are involved with a job search discover that submitting their resume and portfolio on the web is extremely advantageous in aiding them to find and secure an exciting new job. Usually created for prospective employers to examine, most resume posters aren’t worried about search engine positioning but instead focus on a professional layout to aid with their career search.

There are a variety of internet job banks that offer to assist employment hunters with their job search. People have the alternative of submitting a resume with the job bank or submitting their own copy to the prospective employers. Many jobs which are posted on the internet involve computer and internet knowledge and people frequently discover that having their own website portfolio can help with their job search. Continue reading

Standing Out in the Job Crowd

Do you have what it takes to land a good executive job? Career hunting can be extremely stressful. Spending time searching for suitable careers in the newspaper or on the net is aggravating and you realize that once you find a couple of executive appointments that you would like to apply for, you may be up against plenty of competition.

Standing out in the job crowd is essential at each stage of the process. From your CV (curriculum vitae) to your last interview, you need to be the applicant that makes an impression. Whether or not this is the 1st executive position, or if you are an experienced senior manager, you still must make the application and interview unique enough to land the job.

If you’re working with an executive recruitment company, there are 3 essential areas where you must be on top of your game to be able to boost the likelihood of success:

1. On the Phone
Frequently, the initial direct contact with a recruitment organization is on the telephone. A phone interview is basically a test of one’s skills, since you are not able to use eye contact or body language to bolster what you’re stating; you have to depend on being well prepared, focused and flexible so you will make an excellent impression.

2. Your CV or (cv)
Your CV is a brief explanation of your career which covers everything you have done in your career and what you can handle doing. The key element here is to focus on your accomplishments and experience, making everything you’ve included on your CV specifically relevant to the position. The web is filled with information that details percisly how to make your CV presentable, however, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:

• Keep it short and sweet
• Keep it relevant
• Put your contact information at the top
• Focus on items that you have achieved, instead of your skills

3. The interview
Your interview for an executive appointment – either as the initial interview with the recruitment company or as a 1st or 2nd interview with the business – is the greatest opportunity to show you will be an asset to the company. Self-confidence is essential, however, not to the level where it may be considered arrogance. Use positive vocabulary and positive body language, provide examples to exhibit how you have attained results in your present position and ask intelligent questions. Be sure you have investigated the organization prior to your job interview and double-check the requirements for the position.

The executive appointments marketplace can be a very competitive one, and following the above steps could very well boost your likelihood of success.